Majestic Pictures sells videos on social issues, multicultural themes, and minority matters to educational and home markets. Majestic Pictures videos are appropriate for use in a variety of disciplines in schools and colleges. Majestic Pictures is committed to providing the finest in educational videos to institutions and to individual families.


Spouse Abuse: A Global Perspective: explores and exposes the agony of battered women, the way abuse is looked at around the world, the institutionalization of abuse by the society, the effects of domestic violence on children, and the legal and other solutions to prevent abuse.

Disillusion:  Exposes the love-hate relationship between Africans and African-Americans, and expounds the experiences of immigrants in the U.S.

Black Culture and Media:

African Culture: A look at the methods used to suppress African culture, lack of its awareness among African Americans, and promotion of African culture by community leaders despite the odds.

Media Distortion:  Analyses how media distort black peoples' perception of themselves.

Descendants:  Explores the relationship between Africans and African descendants in the diaspora.

Small Business Operation:  Offers innovative ways to run a small business from idea-level to successful implementation.

When Innocent is Guilty:  A surrealistic video that portrays how a man is convicted for a crime he did not commit.