There are many ways of converting your video format to QuickTime file. If you know how to convert to QuickTime, stick with you method.

This is one of many methods in converting Final Cut Pro (if they is the editing system you used in editing your video or film) into QuickTime for video streaming. Whatever method you use, your file should not be bigger than 40MB.

How to Convert FCP video to MPEG-4 (Video Streaming)

  1. Click on the sequence you want to convert
  2. Go to File
  3. Click on Export
  4. Choose Using QuickTime Compression
  5. Locate where you want to store the new QuickTime file
  6. Click on Options (next to Format: QuickTime Movie)
  7. Movie Settings window pops up
  8. Under Video Settings Select the following:

Compression Type: MPEG-4 Video
Frame Rate: 29.97
Key Frames: Every – 24 Frames
Compressor Quality: High
Data Rate: Restricted to 6400 Kbits/sec

9. Under Sound Settings (Leave the followinh default settings alone)

Format: Integer (Little Endian)
Sample Rate: 48 KHZ
Sample Size: 16-Bit
Channels: Stereo (L R)

10. Click Ok

11. Under Use, change to Broadband-High

12. Click Save