Majestic Pictures Television (MPTV) is a hub for high-quality documentary videos, dramatic films, talk shows, how to videos, and Public Service Announcements (PSA) for diverse audiences.

MPTV gives film and television fans an easy way to discover new content and talents that is entirely free. The documentary videos and talk shows are well-researched and present balanced viewpoints from all sides. The dramatic videos on Majestic Pictures Television are original content created by diverse group of filmmakers. Viewers can search for variety of movie genres and television formats by clicking on Browse. Or you can go directly to documentary videos, dramatic films, and talk shows. We also have a video category call Clusters where people learn about camera angles, movements, composition, focus, exposure, and white balance.

Viewers who want Majestic Pictures Television to create professional videos for their company or organization can contact Majestic Pictures – a video, film, and audio production company that produces high quality projects for broadcast, corporate, and educational purposes.

Viewers can also connect with Filmmakers Resource Center – a one-stop resource center for filmmakers who are looking for information to improve their careers and find funding sources to make their films. Filmmakers can also post crew needs and auditions for their film production, and find information about film offices, festivals/competitions, and film schools, et al. Actors can also find to improve their acting careers, casting agencies, auditions, and acting schools.